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Bike New York Classes: A Comeback Story

With pandemic restrictions relaxing in the past year, New Yorkers were hungry to get out and get on their bikes. The demand for classes, both for adults and for youth, was tremendous, and we were proud to meet our community’s need for bike safety education. In particular, the relationships that Bike New York staff nurtured with teachers, principals, and youth program directors during the past couple of years paid off, and our Youth Programs made a big comeback in 2022. More than 1,250 kids were served by our weekday programs, including nine different after school groups, 27 summer camps, and...

TD Five Boro Bike Tour Finish Festival at Empire Outlets

Celebrate biking 40 miles through the most fantastic city in the world with 32,000 fellow cycling enthusiasts at the TD Five Boro Bike Tour Finish Festival! Because there's nothing better after a good ride than some good vibes.

Bike Tips: Should I Get A Belt-Drive Bike For Daily Bike Riding?

Belt-drive bikes are a very attractive option for daily bike riding: they run quietly and the belts and cogs are durable. Most importantly, belts don't need cleaning and lubrication, they don't attract black crud from the street, and they’re lighter than chains. Plus, they’re cool!