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The Woman Behind the Bikes: Rose Sylvester, Bike Fleet Manager

Bike New York’s Giving Tuesday campaign: Help us raise $20,000 to update our bike fleet. We’re excited to kick off our Impact Blog series ahead of Giving Tuesday with an interview of our new Bike Fleet Manager, Rose Sylvester. Can you imagine being responsible for the maintenance of 500 bikes? Making sure that our Education Centers have safe bikes and repair equipment is no easy task. Today, we’ll learn what it takes to keep our bike fleet in tip-top shape, how Rose got started in the bike mechanic world, and how you can help us reach our Giving Tuesday goals!...

Bike Tips: Should I Get A Belt-Drive Bike For Daily Bike Riding?

Belt-drive bikes are a very attractive option for daily bike riding: they run quietly and the belts and cogs are durable. Most importantly, belts don't need cleaning and lubrication, they don't attract black crud from the street, and they’re lighter than chains. Plus, they’re cool!

Bike Maintenance Tips: How Often Should You Lube Your Bike Chain?

If your bike chain is showing rust or squeaks while you ride, it's definitely time to lube your chain. The good news is it's an easy bike maintenance job, but how often should one do it? Well... it depends!