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Meet Bike New Yorker Jordi Frank

HEre at Bike New York, some of our favorite success stories are those that start at a class and end at the finish of one of our rides. In this Bike New Yorker spotlight, Jordi Frank takes us on her journey from signing up for her first Learn to ride class to the victory she experienced at the Twin Lights Ride... all within the span of a single year!

Family Traditions: Riding the Tour and Bike New York Membership

If you ask Diana Gross and her father Stephen to share a favorite memory from the 2018 Five Boro Bike Tour, they’d both tell you about a moment in Brooklyn. Deep into the 40-mile trek, Diana mentioned to her Dad that she could really use a coffee. Much to their surprise, a nearby rider chimed in. It turned out he lived in the area and knew exactly where to get the perfect cup. “It was such a New York experience,” Diana says. Cycling has always been a part of the Gross family tradition. Diana and her three sisters all got...