Rolling Toward a Better Future

Cycling is a zero-emissions activity, but large-scale events like the

TD Five Boro Bike Tour and Bike Expo New York are not.


In 2014, Bike New York embarked on an epic journey down a sustainable path. It was the first time a large-scale event in New York was certified as a waste-conscious, sustainable event; in short, we nailed it. The task was a momentous one, and required the support of numerous City agencies and nonprofits and the help of thousands of invaluable volunteers. As a result of our efforts, the Tour was awarded Silver-level certification by the Council for Responsible Sport, a nonprofit that recognizes sporting events that promote and demonstrate environmentally and socially responsible measures to reduce the environmental footprint within the event’s host community.


In 2016, we set the bar even higher, and earned Gold-level certification. The certification was earned across all five categories designated by the Council For Responsible Sport, including planning and communications, procurement, resource management, access and equity and community legacy.


2016 Sustainability Highlights


Through partnerships with GrowNYC and NYC Compost Project, we used Zero Waste Stations at Bike Expo New York, Tour Rest Areas, and the Finish Festival to divert 91% of event waste from the landfill, including composting 6,000 lbs. of food waste.

  • Green Team volunteers managed the Zero Waste Stations, ensuring that participants followed signage to place waste in the proper recycling, compost, and waste receptacles.
  • We donated 29,000 lbs. of leftover food to City Harvest.
  • Seventy percent of the food provided at the Tour was organic or locally sourced, including 24,000 apples from the New York State Apple Association and 90,000 Clif Bar products including Clif Bars, Clif Organic Energy Food, and Clif Bloks.
  • We collected used bike tubes at Rest Area Bike Repair Stations to be upcycled into wallets and messenger bags.
  • The Tour program was produced on paper that was sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner, through the Forest Stewardship Council program.
  • 10,000 Tyvek rider bibs were recycled through post-Tour collection efforts.
  • The Start Line and Bike Expo New York were in transit-dense locations, making the events easily accessible by all.
  • Through a partnership with DEP’s NYC Water Program, we provided world-renowned New York City tap water, eliminating the need for disposable water bottles.
  • With support from Clif Bar, we collected more than 20,000 foil-lined food wrappers (otherwise bound for the landfill) for upcycling through a program run by Terracycle.
  • The Tour and the Bike Expo New York were ADA Accessible.
  • Proceeds from the Tour fund our free bike education programs for kids and adults. In 2015, Bike New York taught more than 17,000 New Yorkers how to ride safely and confidently.
  • Our Outreach Teams engaged with NYC Community Boards in the Tour planning process, promoted Bike New York’s free bike education programs in their districts, and encouraged community members to participate in the Tour as riders, volunteers, or spectators.
  • TD Bank sponsored performers along the route, many of whom operate as non-profit organizations. TD also provided electricity from their branches, which comes from Green Mountain Energy, a renewable energy company, to power the performances along the route.
Our hope is that this certification will encourage other organizations and events to join us in going green. The Tour was the first event in New York City to be certified, and we look forward to the day when being sustainable is the rule, not the exception, and certification is a thing of the past.