Looking to get back in bike shape? We offer home-grown training tips and health guidance from our official healthcare partner,

NYU Langone.


We’re also your online resource for any question you might have about cycling in New York, whether you want to navigate the city’s bike lanes, find a bike shop, or join a local cycling group. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

Staying Hydrated

Bike New York water bottles

Making up much more than half our body, water plays a major role in regulating our temperature, helping with blood circulation, and assisting with many of our essential everyday bodily functions.

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NYU Langone Training Plan

Ready for your next race? Get race-ready with a training plan made for cyclists of all skill levels. Get ready, get set…get cycling!

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Nutrition Tips

Having the proper fuel for your workouts and races is one of the many keys to success. Take these 10 nutrition tips to optimize strength, speed, and endurance to help you cross the finish line!

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Injury Prevention

These Sports Health expert-approved tips for cyclists of all skill levels will help you train, avoid injury and make the most of your time behind the handlebars.

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Family Cycling

Bike riding is a fun and healthy way to exercise together and bond outdoors as a family. NYU Langone Health offers new cyclists and families age-appropriate tips on biking to stay active.

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Mental Preparation Tips

Participating in any cycling event not only requires physical training, but mental toughness. The Sports Health experts share techniques to help you stay focused and resilient, so you can overcome that bump in the road and reach your cycling goals.

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Sports Health Concierge

As the official healthcare partner of Bike New York, NYU Langone works to ensure the health and safety of our members and riders who participate in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour and other events.

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Long Distance Training

Commonly called a century, a 100-mile, daylong ride is one of the most significant and challenging experiences for a cyclist. Yet centuries are accessible to riders of all levels, and even the most recreational of cyclists can conquer a century with the right planning and preparation.

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