Age-appropriate tips on biking to stay active

Family Cycling

It’s a modern-day parenting dilemma playing out in homes across the country: how to inspire children to be more physically active without making it another chore or risking injury. Bike riding is a fun and healthy way to exercise and doing so together as a family is a great opportunity to bond outdoors. 


We teamed up with the Sports Health experts at NYU Langone to give new cyclists and families age-appropriate tips on biking to stay active. 


Check out the tips below:

Helmet Safety

Helmet Overview


Helmet Shopping 101


Helmet Fit


When to replace your helmet


Q&A: How often do I really need to get new helmets or new bikes for my kids as they grow?


Q&A: What should we be looking for to ensure foldable helmets pass the appropriate guidelines?


Bike Safety

Bike Safety Accessories


COVID-19 Safety


Bike Fit Basics – Kids


Bike Fit Basics – Adults

Q&A: My tween son is afraid to raise their seat and have their feet off the ground. Do you have any advice on seat height and if it puts him in danger of injury?

Q&A: Should I ride in front of my kids on a busy path so they can follow my lead, or should I ride behind them and keep an eye on them?


Family Fit: Training, Stretching, and Progression

Family Fit: Dynamic warm-ups for families


Family Fit: Dynamic warm-ups for children


Family Fit: Cool down stretches


Biking Progression (from basic learning to open road)


Cycling drills you can do at home


Q&A: How can I make biking less scary and more fun for a kid who wants to learn?


Want to speak with a Sports Health Expert? As Bike New York’s official healthcare partner, NYU Langone has exclusive concierge service for our members.