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Bike Use on New York City Bridges in 2021

Bike New York's Director of Advocacy, Jon Orcutt, keeps a pulse on all things #BikeNYC. He gave us a quick update on bike use on New York City's bridges in 2021!

Teaching Bike Skills to New York City Youth at IS24 in Staten Island

Spring is in full swing, and school-based cycling programs are back in demand! Our Bike Education team has been busy working with schools to equip New York City youth with the skills and experiences they need to enjoy the benefits of biking.

Winter Cycling Tips: How Not to Slip Slide Away While Riding Through Winter

As I think about the types of crashes I've experienced over a few decades of almost daily cycling, most of them involved some slick or loose surface on the street or bike path, and nearly all of those situations involved turns at intersections or curves. Here are some tips for staying upright through the winter (I learned the hard way through occasional unplanned trips to the ground!):