Request a Bike Education Class

Does your school or neighborhood Open Street want to host a Learn to Ride – Kids class on Earth Day? Does your business want to provide a “Lunch & Learn” on Bike Commuting for employees?


Great news! Local organizations can request certain types of Bike New York classes. Schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, you name it! Request a class and we’ll do our best to put it on the 2022 calendar.


Please note: Request forms can be found at the bottom of every class page.

The following types of classes and programs can be requested:


Please note the following limitations:

  • We don’t truck or transport bikes to classes.
  • We don’t schedule classes on federal holiday weekends.
  • We can’t offer classes on the weekends when we have our own major events (e.g. first Sunday of May, last Sunday of June, and last Sunday of September).
  • Earth Day is very popular for Learn to Ride – Kids classes. Request a session now!