Bike Commuting


In this 1.5-hour presentation & discussion, we’ll go over picking the right bike, what to wear so you don’t arrive at work a sweaty mess, what kind of gear you’ll need to haul a change of clothes or ride at night, how and where to lock your bike, and much more. Questions? Email us at


Class Duration: 1.5 hours

Class Location: Indoors at various bike shops, recreation centers, etc.

Class Size: Variable based on space available

Age Restrictions: Students must be at least 14 years old.

Instructors: 1 trained instructor

Equipment: None

Registration Policy: Advance registration is preferred, though walk-in students are welcome.

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If you’re relatively confident riding on city streets and you want to take it to the next level and learn more about how to use your bike to get to work and run errands, Bike Commuting is the class for you.

NEXT STEP: Bike Maintenance for Beginners

If you’re commuting by bike, you’re going to be putting some serious miles on that thing, and with miles come wear and tear. Take our Bike Maintenance for Beginners

class to learn how to keep your steed in top shape.

Next Step: Winter Cycling

Tired of trying to cram into rush hour trains packed with people bundled up in enormous winter coats? Take our Winter Cycling

class and learn how to put the cold in its place and ride year-round.

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