Bike Safety Assembly


Help students at your school or youth organization learn how to enjoy cycling safely! Bike New York will send a trained instructor with an engaging presentation suitable for Pre-K through 12th grade (ages 4-17). Content is designed to teach kids that cycling is a fun, healthy activity, but that it does have rules that they need to know and follow. Best part? It’s all free for NYC schools.

Important Details

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Locations: Any New York City school or youth organization

Class Size: Student assembly

Instructor: 1 trained instructor

Equipment Necessary: Projector, computer, speakers

Registration Requirements: Schools or youth organizations must contact Bike New York to schedule an assembly date

Cost: FREE for schools and organizations located within New York City. Outside the five boroughs, fees may be charged to cover instructor’s travel costs and instructional time.


Your bike is a vehicle, not a toy

Know the rules of the road

How to use a bike helmet

Being alert and aware of your surroundings = having fun

Is this program right for your students?

Our Bike Safety Assembly is ideal for organizations that serve youth ages 4-17, including schools, after-school programs, and summer camps. The program is only for student assembly audiences, not for small groups or individuals.


Contact rconroy@bike.nyc for questions or to schedule a session.

Request an Assembly

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    We typically do two 45 minute sessions a day, but if you would like to host an expanded schedule, please let us know in the message box below.

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