January Volunteer Spotlight: Yawa and Kent

Our January Volunteer Spotlight shines on dynamic duo: Yawa and Kent. Yawa and Kent have been Bike New York volunteers for seven years, ever since Yawa learned to ride a bicycle with BNY in 2014! We asked the pair what volunteering for Bike New York meant to them. Here’s what they said…


Yawa: It is a blessing to be able to “pay it forward” through my volunteer work since many people took time out of their schedules to teach me the skills necessary to ride a bike at my age. It is very rewarding to be able to connect with the students and to share in their happiness when they achieve their goal of riding a bike.


Kent: I am proud to be a Bike New York volunteer and to be involved in this organization which provides such a useful and fun service to the community. The free bike education classes allow participants to experience the joy of learning a new skill the correct and safe way, gives them a fun way to exercise and to socialize, and allows them to help the environment through utilizing a greener method of transportation. I love seeing the smiles and unbridled joy of the students after they have learned to ride a bike.


When Kent and Yawa aren’t volunteering their time for Bike New York, you can find them pedaling on the Queensboro Bridge or the Putnam County Trailways. Thank you, Yawa and Kent, for supporting us in our mission to empower New Yorkers to transform their lives through bicycling 💚