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What’s More Efficient Than a Person on a Bike?

Nothing! We all know that bikes are amazing, but “amazing” may even be an understatement. Bicycles’ inimitable intricacies transform cyclists into the single most efficient moving entities on the planet, triumphing over nimble animals and grandiose machines. Bicycles are so exquisite that Steve Jobs admired them ardently throughout his career, referring to computers as “the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” What makes bikes so uniquely distinct that Jobs, who revolutionized the very nature of human interaction, chose them as the best analogy for his vision? What sets cyclists apart from other beings and machines, and how can one prove...

#TourTips from Mother-Daughter Duo Jenny and Casey

Casey Ashenhurst is no stranger to cycling in NYC. She's Director of WE Bike NYC, an organization of women who aim to break down barriers to cycling and build community by offering free social rides, training rides, and educational workshops. She's an every-day commuter, regularly goes on group rides with WE Bike NYC, and has cycled in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour more than a few times. Casey's Mom, Jenny, is more accustomed to cycling the wide open roads around her home in the midwest at an easy pace.