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Bike New Yorker #37: Anne Krassner

Anne Krassner is Citi Bike's Education and Outreach Manager, and she's also a Citi Bike rider. She's one of the more than 100,000 New Yorkers who helped the system break records in September, with 64,000 trips taken in a single day. Here, she tells us about the next expansion, how Citi Bike works with communities, and gives some tips for new riders. Her favorite bit of advice? Ride with a friend! Bike New York partners with Citi Bike to offer a free Citi Bike Street Skills class. Grab a friend and sign up today!

Bike New Yorker #36: Jena McLaughlin

Now that she has one Tour, one Expo, and one Regional Ride under her belt, we thought it was high time to check in on Bike New York's new(ish) Director of Events, Jena McLaughlin, and get her to talk about what makes the upcoming Twin Lights Ride (9/25) such a special event. Here's what she had to say.