TD Five Boro Bike Tour Photographer Spotlight: Ed

New York City-based photographer Ed Haas captured the energy at the 2021 TD Five Boro Bike Tour start line. We’re giddy with excitement as we countdown to the 2022 TDFBBT!


Ed has been a commercial photographer in New York City for 45 years. He shoots products, editorial, travel, runners (and bikes, of course!), and corporate portraits.


Ed has been photographing the TD Five Boro Bike Tour for years; he started taking photos of the Tour for WCBS-FM (back when DJ Cousin Brucie kicked off the ride!), then began to work with Bike New York directly. He loves to see the happy riders arrive at the start line in the early morning hours, excited to get on the streets with no traffic. Although the start line is a canyon of buildings, the people make this spot special. Ed always finds the biggest smiles as riders pass the stage and embark on their 40-mile journey through New York City.


One of Ed’s favorite things to do is go out in the crowd (with his very bright safety vest) and take photos of the riders as they whooooosh by. The Tour is one of those events that makes New York City special, and the happy riders make the Tour special.


This year, as the fog of the pandemic seems to lift, Ed is excited to see cyclists emerge from their shelters to feel the wind on their faces and revel in the freedom of travel the Tour brings.


Check out some of Ed’s favorite 2021 TDFBBT photographs below. We’re so excited to have Ed back for the 2022 TDFBBT!


The 2022 TD Five Boro Bike Tour will be held on Sunday, May 1. Register today!