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Bike Maintenance 101 with Recycle-A-Bicycle’s David Heslop

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a flat. Nothing takes the joy out of a ride faster than an unexpected mechanical malfunction. But many common problems are easier to fix than you might think. Knowing the basics of bike maintenance lets you pedal with confidence, no matter what surprises the road may have in store.

Youth Ambassadors Earn Their Pedals

    On a frigid Saturday in March, Bike New York’s Recycle-A-Bicycle warehouse in Long Island City shop is buzzing with activity—10 middle school–aged youth from Sunnyside Community Services are beginning their Earn-A-Bike and TD Five Boro Bike Tour Youth Ambassador journeys. They’ve been selected from a larger group of students who participated in Bike New York’s Summer and After School programs, and their challenge is to build the bike they’ll ride in this year’s Tour.