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Ride Tip of the Month, September 2019: What to Do About Dooring

Getting "doored" is every cyclist's nightmare: No matter how alert you are, it happens suddenly, seemingly at random, and can carry potentially deadly consequences. Though New York State law and New York City law put the burden of avoiding dooring incidents on motor vehicle occupants, cyclists still need to use an abundance of caution to account for worst-case scenarios. Read on for Bike New York Education Director Rich Conroy's road-tested tips on how to avoid dooring every single time.

Congestion pricing is a one-time opportunity for NYC to build a better bike network

This is the joint press release issued on June 6 by Transportation Alternatives and Bike New York, calling on New York City government to take advantage of congestion pricing to create an improved and better connected bike network. Congestion pricing is projected to significantly reduce motor vehicle volume in Manhattan (London and Stockholm saw reductions of approximately 20% upon implementing congestion pricing). That level of change will allow some street space to be allocated to car alternatives while still improving travel for motor vehicles. Additionally, traffic reduction will not be limited purely to the central business district, but to adjacent...