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Learning to Ride on the Spectrum

Learning how to ride a bike can be a challenge. For youth with autism and their families, those challenges can be magnified—but so, too, can the successes. Joelle Galatan, a high school senior from Queens, is working with Bike New York to make sure that youth with autism and other learning disabilities get the opportunity to experience the benefits of this meaningful milestone.

“Why We’ll Never Stop Biking:” a CNN Op-Ed by Bike New York’s President & CEO on Tuesday’s Terror Attack

One of the most popular quotes associated with bicycles is attributed to H.G. Wells: "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." On Tuesday, a terrorist attempted to sink us into despair by choosing to drive a truck into dozens of innocent people enjoying the Hudson River Bikeway, the crown jewel of New York's bicycling infrastructure, on a clear, crisp fall day. It was a most cowardly choice of target whose symbolism should not be ignored, if, like Wells, we are to overcome despair and move forward. (Read the rest...

A Commuter is Born: How One New Yorker Went from Curious to Confident Thanks to the Gear Femmes Program

The morning air was full of anticipation—and car horns—in downtown Brooklyn on Tuesday as Qinglian Zhang and Lilach Shafir prepared for their third bike commute to Manhattan, where both women work. Lilach is Qinglian’s Gear Femmes commuting mentor, and the pair talked layering strategies before setting off into the bike lanes.