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Bike New Yorker #24: Garrett Newcomb

OK, so technically we should be calling him a "Bike New Jerseyan": Garrett Newcomb, the sole proprietor of Kranky Cycles, will once again provide his services free of charge at our Twin Lights Ride on September 27th—look for him across the street from Huddy Park, where the ride starts and finishes. We paid him a visit to talk about how Hurricane Sandy affected his business, what he does for the Twin Lights Ride, what riders should expect, and more.

22 reasons to register for the Twin Lights Ride

As the organizers of this consistently amazing event on September 27th, we’ve found there’s a lot to be stoked about—and the thousands of people who do it every year would be inclined to agree. We could write several paragraphs attempting to explain why that is, but attention spans being what they are these days, we’ve decided to break it down into a Buzzfeed-y listicle. Stick with us—there’s chocolate at the end. We promise.