22 reasons to register for the Twin Lights Ride

As the organizers of this consistently amazing event on September 27th, we’ve found there’s a lot to be stoked about—and the thousands of people who do it every year would be inclined to agree. We could write several paragraphs attempting to explain why that is, but attention spans being what they are these days, we’ve decided to break it down into a Buzzfeed-y listicle. Stick with us—there’s chocolate at the end. We promise.

First of all, Anyone who registers is entered to win one of these Raleigh road bikes!




Not bad, eh? Check out the specs here (for the men’s bike) and here (for the women’s).

If you need a quick adjustment before the ride, this guy might be the one to help you out.




His name is Garrett, and he runs an awesome bike shop called Kranky Cycles (even though he’s, like, the least cranky guy you’ll ever meet). The shop is across the street from Huddy Park, where the ride begins and ends.

… And for a fix along the route, HE might be your man.




Meet Jared, our education department’s bike fleet manager. He hails from Alabama, lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and rides a recumbent bike. He’s also a jack-of-all-trades and a master of puns, so come prepared with your best “Dad humor” and you’ll get a laugh.

There will be horses.





THE TRUE STORY that inspired “Jaws” took place near one of our Rest Areas (Shark River).




Our staff and volunteers get into the spirit.




But don’t worry, they’re harmless (unless you’re opposed to candy):



The route basically doubles as a self-guided Bruce Springsteen historical tour.



The Boss was born in Long Branch and raised in Freehold; he recorded most of Nebraska (which, if you haven’t listened to it in awhile, is AMAZING) in a house in Colts Neck; the E-Street band was named for a street in Belmar; and, of course, Asbury Park is about a mile away. There’s probably a lot more—maybe you can ask the man himself, as he owns a 378-acre horse ranch in Colts Neck.

Apple cider donuts.




…and apples and pies from Delicious Orchards. Autumn ain’t so bad, is it?

You can ride it on a fat bike.




This guy did it last year, and he wasn’t alone. After all, there are multiple route options!

OUR VOLUNTEERS are the best.




Seriously. We’ve never seen a more enthusiastic bunch of people. They’ll cheer you on, watch out for you, and direct you to whatever you need… like, say, an apple cider donut.

…And so are our SPONSORS.




Q: Would you like a KIND bar? A: Yes. Yes you would.

You can take a break on the beach.




The Jersey Shore shore is beautiful this time of year! (Dad humor courtesy of the aforementioned Jared.)

Our PB&Js are the best you’ve ever eaten.




We don’t know why—they just are.

Who doesn’t like a FREE commemorative T-shirt?




Some Bike New York staff may or may not still be wearing last year’s during their rides to the office. Mmmmm… so soft…..

We have a pedal-powered blender, and you’re welcome to use it to make your own post-ride smoothie.




Chances are, you don’t have one of these at home. Here’s to new, tasty experiences!

Speaking of, there’ll also be lobster bisque, seafood chili, and crab cakes from local fave BAHRS LANDING at the Finish Festival…




…plus all kinds of grub from other Highlands-area restaurants. Seriously, the food is freakin’ amazing. Make sure you come hungry—oh, wait, you’ll just have ridden dozens of miles. You’ll be famished.

…as well as some party-startin’ live music.



For city-dwellers, there’s a ferry that’ll take you right to the start (and back to Manhattan when you’re done).


IMG_3074 edit


No car required.

It’s a great ride to do with friends…



…Or by yourself.



Heck, even the organizers have a blast!




What other companies do you know of where the employees look like this after a 14-hour work day?

If you sign up, you’ll be helping others learn how to ride.




As with pretty much everything Bike New York does, all proceeds fund our free bike education programs. So the good feelings don’t stop when the ride ends.

Oh yeah—it’s the only bike ride (we know of) with a chocolate fountain.




See? Chocolate.


Learn more and register for the Twin Lights Ride here.