Good Co. Bike Club Bridges Communities through the Joy of Cycling

From left to right: Andrew Bennett (Chief Executive Officer, GCBC), Shari Brown (Chief Marketing Officer, GCBC), Marv Marcel (Chief Operating Officer, GCBC)


Next in our Black History Month highlight series, Good Co. Bike Club!


Good Co. Bike Club is a Black-Owned & Operated lifestyle brand founded in June 2020. What started as a way to connect with friends during the height of a global pandemic turned into a community within New York City using the joy of cycling as a catalyst to bridge the Black inner-city community as a whole. Good Co. has become a platform that promotes safety and positivity and advocates for inclusivity for all cyclists while creating physical and digital connections with local businesses. Through policy initiatives and brand partnership alliances, Good Co. is dedicated to changing the narrative of cycling.


Since its inception, Good Co. has built relationships with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office (now newly-appointed mayor!), Eric Adams, and the New York City Department of Transportation to promote safer streets for cyclers in marginalized communities. Good Co. also partnered with Schwinn to supply free bikes to the community, local businesses, and the Good Co. community at large to continue to change the narrative of cycling.


You can find the Good Co. team at various events throughout the year (like the TD Five Boro Bike Tour!); check out their 2022 calendar of signature events and rides 👉 Please note: This does not include the smaller daily rides that Good Co. provides to its community and membership base.


More information about Good Co. Bike Club is available at www.goodcobikeclub.com.


P.S. Recognize Andrew Bennett? Drew spoke on our February 2021 Spoke Series Panel, How We Ride: Cycling and Social Justice in the Black Community!