The Results Are In! See How You Did on the 2018 TDFBBT Crossword

Your 2018 TDFBBT crossword questions, answered.

Your 2018 TDFBBT crossword questions, answered.


While flipping through your official 2018 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Program, you may have noticed a particularly bike-centric crossword. We hope you enjoyed putting your cycling chops to the test while savoring some well-earned treats at the Finish Festival or cruising back to Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry. See the completed puzzle and answer list below. And if you haven’t taken a stab at it yet, stop reading now and give it a go. It’s a pretty perfect remedy for the post-Tour blues.


2018 TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour Crossword Answers


1. Organic waste that goes in a separate bin: COMPOST
4. “_____ is real!”: STEEL
6. Most common repair: FLAT
10. Lightweight frame material: CARBONFIBER

13. Noggin shield: HELMET
14. True-teller?: SPOKE
15. Bring an extra one of these in case of 6 across: INNERTUBE
17. Riding against traffic: SALMONING
19. If a brake lever hits this, make an adjustment: HANDLEBAR
20. Last leg for many Tour riders: STATENISLANDFERRY
21. Hardest part of cycling?: ROAD
22. Adjust this to avoid pain in the knees: SEATPOST
26. Found in 35 across: TIRELEVERS
27. Grease your seat post occasionally to prevent this: SEIZING
30. Clean chain applicant: OIL
34. Pedaling rate: CADENCE
35. Flat fix toolbox: PATCHKIT
36. Tour’s official hashtag: TDFBBT
37. Riding volunteer: MARSHAL



2. Cyclist one-piece: SKINSUIT
3. Holds your water bottle: CAGE
5. Bike check: TUNEUP
7. Lubrication: GREASE
8. Tour’s first bridge (abbrev.): MADISONAVE
9. Replace this if tread is worn: TIRE
11. Quick release levers should face this direction when tightened: BACKWARDS
12. Packet pickup location: BIKEEXPONEWYORK
14. Turn tell: SIGNAL
16. Drink fluids: HYDRATE
18. Bridge north of Brooklyn Bridge: MANHATTAN
21. Route-side food, water & repairs spot: RESTAREA
23. Makes riding a breeze: TAILWIND
24. Air pressure measurement: PSI
25. Grips to stop: BRAKEPAD
28. Blister preventers: GLOVES
29. Same as Presta: FRENCH
31. Wicking material for cycling clothes: LYCRA
32. Type of flat caused by low tire pressure: PINCH
33. Push to propel: PEDAL
34. Replace if frayed: CABLE


Which of these left you stumped? Let us know in the comments!