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NYU Langone Health’s Guide to Warming Up & Cooling Down

When it comes to riding, we know that it's sometimes hard to resist the urge to hop right in the saddle and set off for your destination. But taking just a few minutes to stretch before and after you get pedaling will help prevent injury by engaging the muscles that power your ride.

Ask the Experts: Video Q&A With NYU Langone Health

Whether you're a daily rider with a solid routine, an up-and-coming cyclist still finding their way, or a bike enthusiast who needs a little extra encouragement to get back in the saddle after some time away, the Sports Health experts at NYU Langone are here to help.

Statement from Bike New York on Police Reform

July 16, 2020 Contact Jon Orcutt, 718-383-6631  With New York City's leaders stating that reform of the New York Police Department will be an ongoing process that will go deeper than changes included in the recently enacted city budget, Bike New York issued this statement and set of recommendations to policy makers regarding areas of police policy and practice that affect traffic law enforcement, riding bicycles and street safety. Bike New York is dedicated to a city where anyone from any part of town can choose to bicycle for transportation, health or fun without fear of unwarranted attention from law...