Biking Down Memory Lane

In 1977, the first TD Five Boro Bike Tour was known as the 5 Boro Challenge, and was a very different beast: 250 participants rode for 50 miles and stopped at only one rest area (at Nathan’s Famous in The Bronx), for instance. What hasn’t changed are the smiles on riders’ faces, though. Check out these photos taken by the late Steve Faust—a beloved member of NYC’s cycling community and a tireless advocate in the decades-long and continuing fight to put a bike path on the Verrazano Bridge— during that inaugural event, and be sure to read a full account of that momentous day over on the “Our Story” section of our website.




“The kids were dancing up and down and running alongside us. Those who had bikes rode with us for a while. To see people smiling and cheering really made us feel fantastic. We knew we were doing something special, but the attitude of the people just enforced it more.” -Ellen Faust