Wheel Truing

A 2-hour evening class for riders who want to learn about spoke adjustments, keeping their wheels from wobbling, and the dreaded “taco wheel”.


Truing a wheel means aligning the rim, so it spins straight and “true.” In this class, you’ll learn to true wheels by adjusting the tension of the wheel’s spokes, eliminating any contact between the brake pads and the rim as it spins. This is a critical skill for any aspiring bicycle mechanic. If you own a bike, at some point you’ll most likely have to have your wheels trued. You might as well know how to do it yourself!


Class Duration:  2 hours
Class Size:  8
Instructor:  1 Trained Recycle-a-Bicycle Shop Mechanic
Equipment: A variety of shop tools. Students do not need to bring their own bicycle.

Requirements:  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination; face mask.
Registration Policy:  Advance registration is required for all participants.
Cost: Free


Upcoming Classes

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Questions?  Email us at rabshop@bike.nyc.


Is This the Right Class for You?

If you are looking for a class that teaches you how to true your own wheels, look no further!

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