Bike Maintenance

Gears And Derailleur Adjustments

A 2-hour evening class for riders who want to learn the basics of repairs to gears and derailleurs.


Gears and Derailleur Adjustments is a free class for adults and mature teens. We’ll go over the fundamentals of repairs to the shifting on multi-speed bicycles, from diagnosing mechanical problems to tuning the derailleur and basic drivetrain maintenance.


Class Duration:  2 hours
Class Size:  7
Instructor:  1 Trained Recycle-a-Bicycle Shop Mechanic
Equipment: A variety of shop tools. Students do not need to bring their own bicycle.

Requirements:  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination; face mask.
Registration Policy:  Advance registration is required for all participants.
Cost: Free


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If you are looking for a class to ensure you know the ins and outs of your bike, this class is for you.

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