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Bike Skills 101: Learn to Ride—Adults


Bike Skills 101: Learn to Ride—Adults is a free class for adults and mature teens who are ready to ride. Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, we’ll get you rolling in no time. With our safe, easy, effective method, Learn to Ride students learn how to balance, pedal, start, stop, and steer a bike, as well as adjust a helmet for proper fit. Most people learn to ride in one session, but even if they don’t, they’ll leave equipped with an easy, low-stress way to teach themselves—or, they can join us for another free class! Questions? Email us at


Class Duration: 2 hours

Class Location: Traffic-free Community Bicycle Education Center

Class Size: 20-25 adults and mature teens

Equipment: Bicycles and helmets provided to those who register online for the class*.

Registration policy: Advance registration is preferred; walk-up students are accepted as space allows.


*Anyone who chooses to bring their own bicycle must ensure that the bicycle fits and is in good working order (i.e., wheels spin freely, brakes function).

Upcoming Classes

Is this the right class for you?

If you never learned how to ride a bike as a child or if you did learn but haven’t ridden since, our Learn to Ride class is for you. This class is open to adults and mature teens over the age of 14. (Participants between 14 and 18 years old must attend with a legal guardian.) Already know how to balance and pedal but want to work on improving your bike handling skills? Consider attending Bicycling Basics.


If you are interested in private instruction, visit the League of American Bicyclists website to find a certified cycling instructor in your area.

Cancellation and Rain Policy

Upon registration, students will be required to enter a credit card number. If a student registers and attends a class, or cancels more than one week in advance of their class, their credit card will NOT be charged. However, any of the following will result in a $50 fee:

If a student cancels her registration during the business week (Monday through Friday) immediately leading up to her class date.

If a student switches class dates or times during the business week immediately leading up to her class date.

If a student does not show up to her class.

Indoor Bike Skills 101: Learn to Ride—Adults classes are held rain or shine. Outdoor classes will be canceled in the event of rain; please check our weather hotline (212 870 2080 ext. 2) if in doubt. Students registered for a class that is canceled because of rain will be invited to register for a later class date within the established season schedule.

NEXT STEP: BiCyCling Basics

Once you’ve successfully learned how to balance and pedal a bike, sign up for a free Bike Skills 201: Bike Handling Skills

class and hone your handling skills.


Now that you know how to ride, you might be considering getting a bike of your own. Not sure where to start? No problem! Check out our free Bike Buyer’s Workshop class.