Bearing Assemblies

A 2-hour evening class for riders who want to learn how to maintain the bearing assembly components on their bike.


Bearing Assemblies is a free class for adults and mature teens. We’ll go over the fundamentals of maintaining the bearing assembly components on your bike: headset, bottom bracket, and wheel hubs. We’ll show you how to diagnose and replace worn bearings so you can keep rolling smoothly!


Class Duration:  2 hours
Class Size:  7
Instructor:  1 Trained Recycle-a-Bicycle Shop Mechanic
Equipment: A variety of shop tools. Students do not need to bring their own bicycle.

Requirements:  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination; face mask.
Registration Policy:  Advance registration is required for all participants.
Cost: Free


Upcoming Classes

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Questions?  Email us at rabshop@bike.nyc.


Is This the Right Class for You?

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