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Bike New Yorker # 35: Rumana Chowdhury

Astoria resident Rumana Chowdhury took up cycling as a way to stay active without putting unnecessary strain on her joints. After completing all five core Bike New York education classes, she was the first person to receive a new bike through our Earn A Bike program, which is made possible by the generosity of our partners Bloomberg L.P. and the New York Mets. Big congrats, Rumana! We'll see you in the bike lane!

Bike New Yorker #31: Judi Desire

Judi Desire's daily routine looks a little like our wintertime daydreams here at Bike New York. She's spent an impressive portion of the last three years bike touring around the world, and when she happens to be in NYC, we're lucky to have her as a volunteer at our classes and events. Below, Judi tells us about her most recent journey through New Zealand (via Hawaii, Tasmania, and Australia), escaping the East Coast winters, her favorite touring gear, and why she sports a Bike New York cycling cap. Prepare to be transported to some truly breathtaking landscapes, because she's also shared some...