The Science of Sore Muscles



The ride of the summer is on Sunday, and whether you’re clipping in and giving 110% on the century route, or leisurely pedaling to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Hudson Valley with friends, don’t let sore muscles get in the way of your fitness goals, good times, and Monday morning routines. From minor muscle aches to DOMS, the experts at 24 Hour Fitness explain why we get sore, how to stop soreness before it starts, how to soothe sore muscles, and what to eat to help your body recover. Get a sneak peak below, and head over to their blog, 24Life, to read more.

Regardless of your intensity of soreness, Pete McCall of Institute of Motion says the most effective thing is ‘to allow for stretching [or self-myofascial care] at the end of a workout.’ He states that a gradual cool-down helps to reduce metabolic waste in the muscles. In addition, he recommends staying hydrated to keep the circulatory system effective at removing waste from tissue.