Meet Bike New Yorker, Kin Chung Choo



In the 2018 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Official Program & Ride Guide, we’ve featured exceptional members of the Bike New York community from each of the five boroughs. Hailing from Staten Island is Instructor Kin Chung Choo. 


Bike New York is constantly working on new initiatives—for example, Gear Femmes and our Membership Program are all less than 2 years old. The latest apple of our eye is something we launched this year in conjunction with the Department of Education: a pilot program that brought our bike education programs to a few schools on Staten Island. Historically, our school programs have required that a school bring their kids to one of our 12 bike education centers; but for this one we brought the bikes and instructors to the students.


One of those instructors is Kin Chung Choo, a Staten Island resident who came to us from our events team, having worked on last year’s Tour as well as our regional rides, Discover Hudson Valley and the Twin Lights Ride. He jumped at the chance to work on the project.


“Kids aren’t going outside like they used to,” he says. “People are indoors, playing video games, looking down at their phones. Bikes get them outside.”

Kin, who graduated from SUNY Cortland last year with majors in Business Economics and Sport Management, sees a future for programs like this. “You guys could definitely expand this to other boroughs, working with different schools,” he says. “Every kid we worked with enjoyed the program. They wanted more.”