Family Traditions: Riding the Tour and Bike New York Membership


If you ask Diana Gross and her father Stephen to share a favorite memory from the 2018 Five Boro Bike Tour, they’d both tell you about a moment in Brooklyn. Deep into the 40-mile trek, Diana mentioned to her Dad that she could really use a coffee. Much to their surprise, a nearby rider chimed in. It turned out he lived in the area and knew exactly where to get the perfect cup.


“It was such a New York experience,” Diana says.


Cycling has always been a part of the Gross family tradition. Diana and her three sisters all got three-speed bikes on their 10th birthdays, which they used on frequent family rides around their small New Jersey town. When Stephen moved back to New York City, he started riding his bike to softball practice in Central Park, then to Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios where he worked a side gig as a movie extra. “You can get there faster than if you take the trains,” Stephen notes.



Name a New York City landmark and Diana and Stephen have probably biked there: Coney Island, the Hudson waterfront, Industry City, and the George Washington Bridge are all past destinations for the intrepid Gross family.


“We’re adults, but you get that little kid feeling. Like, we’re out on an adventure and we’re finding our way and we can stop off,” Diana says.


Stephen jokes, “I just try to keep up with her.”


With a passion for cycling seemingly written into their DNA, it’s no surprise that Diana and Stephen are card-carrying Bike New York members – as a matter of fact, Stephen is a charter member. After hearing her father rave about the perks of membership, Diana decided to join too. Their active involvement with the organization led them to not only ride the Tour together, but also to volunteer at last year’s Bike Expo.


On May 5th, this dynamic father-daughter duo will again tackle the Tour. Stephen is looking forward to riding up Sixth Avenue, while Diana is most excited for the Queensboro Bridge. And of course, there’s the sweet taste of victory to savor with fellow members at the Beer Garden, a true Finish Festival favorite. In Diana’s words: “It makes it feel like you’ve got this community at the end. Makes you feel like you belong.”



Bike New York Membership


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