Be a part of the first New York State Bike Census!


Be a part of the first New York State Bike Census! This is an exciting, and unprecedented opportunity to help shape the future of cycling and document where, why, and how New Yorkers are riding bikes.


In just over a month, the New York Cycling Census has garnered more than 10,000 responses across every county in the state! The survey is open until April 22; there’s still time to make your voice heard and help shape the bicycling future of public policy in New York State!


We’ve already learned a lot from the Census data:

  • Two-thirds of respondents ride a bike for mental health and wellness
  • Nearly a third of respondents reported they use a bicycle for tourism purposes. In addition, most respondents indicated they would be ‘Very Likely’ to use bikes for tourism purposes.
  • The lack of bike lanes or safe routes is the biggest barrier to biking for New Yorkers, followed closely by insufficient secure bike parking.
  • In terms of education, respondents indicate that basic bike maintenance is the most sought-after training for New Yorkers.


All of the data collected through the Cycling Census will be made freely available to any agency, organization, or other entity that can use it to help drive public policy around bicycle education, infrastructure, enforcement, tourism, general encouragement, and integration with public transit.


With this kind of information, we can help shape public policy that will foster safer streets and more equitable transportation options across the state. Complete the New York State Bike Census today!

In a unique partnership between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and Urban Cycling Solutions (UCS), the Cycling Census represents New York’s first statewide dataset on bicycle integration with mass transit. The purpose of this short survey is to collect insights from cyclists and transit customers from all over New York State to better understand opportunities and barriers for active first/last-mile transportation.


Please help direct the future of safe bicycling in New York, by completing and submitting the New York State Bike Census! Each participant will be entered to win one of three $150 Planet Bike gift cards.


The data gleaned from this survey will be used to help shape the future of bicycling in New York, and assist decision-makers to develop a more inclusive and equitable multimodal transportation system throughout The Empire State!