2016 TD Five Boro Bike Tour weather updates

Bike New York is NYC’s leading proponent of cycling as a practical, sustainable, and healthy means of transportation and recreation—and safe and responsible riding is a cornerstone of our mission. Come tomorrow, we can’t stress that enough.


As you probably know by now, tomorrow’s forecast calls for cold and wet weather, and the Tour is a rain or shine event. It is essential that every Tour cyclist ride safely, responsibly, and with extra caution.


Some things to be aware of:

  • SAG (Support and Gear) buses stationed along the route will be used to transport riders who can no longer ride under their own power due to bicycle failure or a minor injury.
  • If you choose to stop riding the Tour, we encourage you to seek out one of the bailout points, below, and find the nearest subway station to make your way home.

    (consider saving this to your phone or printing it out)

    (consider saving this to your phone or printing it out)

  • In the event of lightning near the route, evacuation and cancelation is possible. Follow instructions from Course Marshals and other officials.
  • If you’re not able to make it up a hill and need to walk, move over to the right side of the roadway to allow other riders to pass.
  • Roads will be slippery in spots. Use extreme caution when going downhill and around sharp turns. Also keep in mind that stripes and other road markings tend to be slicker than asphalt. Check your tires to ensure that you have treads suitable for wet conditions.
  • Puddles may be deeper than they appear. Ride with caution.
  • Some riders might be wearing wet or fogged up glasses or goggles, and their visibility may be reduced—so pass carefully and signal to riders behind you when stopping or slowing down.
  • Dress appropriately. Some suggestions:
    • Dress in waterproof layers and protect your face, head, and extremities.
    • Synthetic and wicking materials are best worn next to the skin with a thermal layer overtop.
    • Outermost layer should hold warmth in and block out cold air, wind, and moisture. Bibs must be worn on the outside of your outermost layer at all times. Use waterproof gloves or wear a latex glove liner underneath.
    • If your outermost layer isn’t waterproof, bring a large plastic trash bag to wear as a disposable raincoat.
    • Keep your feet warm. Wear thermal socks that wick moisture and retain heat; wool socks or socks made from synthetic fabrics work best. Another option would be to put plastic bags over your socks before putting your shoes on.
    • Keep personal items (phone, wallet/money, keys) dry by putting them in a small, clear ziplock bag to keep on your person.


Even when wet, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour is an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience, and there’s still plenty of fun to be had out there on 40 miles of car-free streets… as long as everyone does it carefully! Ride safely, everyone, and we’ll see you at the Finish Festival!