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Bike Education

Help us empower New Yorkers to grab life by the handlebars.


When you teach a person how to ride a bike, or how to make biking a part of their daily routine, it isn’t just the student’s life that changes. Our volunteers remark time and again on the profundity of witnessing the aha moment when a new biker really gets it, when a recreational rider realizes that a bicycle is much more than a toy, or when a long-time cyclist finally learns how to fix their bike. Volunteer at a Bike New York class and be a part of someone’s aha moment.

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Important Details

Duration of shift: 3-4 hours

Age Restriction: Volunteers must be 16 or older on the day of the class.

Training: Volunteers must create an account on CERVIS and attend a mandatory one-hour training session before volunteering at a class.

Registration: All volunteers must sign up (via CERVIS) in advance of the class.

Perks: Complimentary T-shirt, invitations to volunteer parties, prizes, giveaways, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped put one more butt on a bike.