Bike Repair

Got a flat? Derailers need adjusting? Our bike repair partners have you covered. 

If your bike needs attention during the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, flag a Rider Assist Marshal or stop at a repair tent. Labor for basic repairs is free, but there is a charge for parts. Flat tires are very common, and Marshals can help you change them fast if you have a spare tube. Many of our bike repair partners will have tubes for sale (cash only).

Also, look for Recycle-A-Bicycle‘s Pump Teams, which are part of the Bike to School Program funded by NYC DOT, located at Bowling Green, near the Start Area, and at select Rest Areas. Having properly inflated tires will help prevent flats and will also keep you from pedaling harder than necessary. After all, we know it’s a great ride, but you don’t want 40 miles to feel like 60, do you?