SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2024


We hope you enjoyed yourself on the 45th edition of the TD Five Boro Bike Tour! 


From great weather to fabulous scenery, it seemed like NYC was out to impress, and we definitely felt the love.


If you’d like to check out your photos, please visit MarathonFoto’s Tour page and enter your bib number in the search bar (if you have a letter in front of your bib number, don’t enter the letter, just the numbers).




What is the date for the 2024 TD Five Boro Bike Tour? When does registration open?

The 46th edition of the TD Five Boro Bike Tour will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2024. We’re finalizing details right now, and will make an announcement towards the end of this year with all you’ll need to know, so stay tuned! 

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I deferred my past Tour entry but did not redeem it. What are my options now?

2023 was the final year for deferring riders to redeem their Tour entries. All unredeemed entries have been converted to charitable donations.

If you need a donation receipt for your past entry, please reach out to us at info@bike.nyc.


What kind of bike is allowed on the Tour? Can I use my e-bike?

Any human-powered pedaled bike (recumbent, unicycle, tandem, tricycle, etc.) is permitted.

Class 1 pedal-assist e-bikes may be ridden in the Tour.

Please note:  Class 2 or throttle e-bikes are not permitted on any Bike New York events.

What if I don’t have a bike? Can I rent one?

Yes! Our official Tour rental partner Unlimited Biking provides a wide variety of bikes for the Tour.

With the convenience of bike pick-up in lower Manhattan on Tour morning, and drop-off at the Staten Island Ferry (St. George Ferry Terminal), you can ensure your Tour goes smoothly.

And the best part? Proceeds from your rental help fund our free education, outreach, and advocacy programs!

Can international riders participate in the Tour?

Yes! Every year, we welcome cyclists from dozens of countries around the world. For the 2024 Tour, we will comply with all national and international travel guidelines in place up to and at the time of the Tour.

Are there age restrictions for the Tour?


Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on the Tour. 

All children ages 3 and older must be registered to participate in the Tour, and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Youths ages 3 to 9 must ride with an adult on a tandem bike, in a child’s seat, on a tag-along bike, or in a bike trailer.
  • Youths ages 10 to 17 may ride their own bikes, but must remain in close proximity to the adult with whom they were registered.

I plan on riding a tandem with my spouse/friend/child. Do we both need to register?

Yes. All participants must register in order to ride in the Tour. Youths must be registered by a parent or guardian, and must be on the same team as their registered parent or guardian. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on the Tour (please see FAQ above).

What is a team? Do I have to be on a team?

A team is a collection of Standard riders who want to start in the same wave. You can join the team created by your friends and family or create a team when you register for your friends and family to join. If you’re riding solo, you don’t have to be on a team.

Please note: Bike New York Members do not join teams; you’ll automatically be grouped together. If you are a Charity rider, you’ll automatically be registered under the name of the charity for which you are fundraising.

How can I ensure that I am assigned to the same start time as my friends and family?

For Standard riders, you must be on a team together. If you were unable to create or join a team with friends and family before the team formation deadline, you may start with them in the later of your group’s assigned waves.

Please noteVIPs and Bike New York Members do not need to form teams; you’ll automatically be grouped together.

I'm a Bike New York Member; can my friends and family ride with me in the first wave?

If your friends and family are Bike New York Members, they will automatically be placed in Standard Wave 1 with you.

If you want to ride with friends or family who are not Bike New York Members, you may start with them in their assigned wave.

How can I make sure I'm in the first wave for the Tour?

The only way to guarantee a start in Wave 1 of the Tour is to register as a VIP, a Bike New York Member, or a Charity rider. All other Standard riders will be placed in Waves 2 through 6, with consideration given to your start time preference.

Can I register someone else?

Yes, you may register other people for the Tour. 

Please note:  any person you register must sign the Tour waiver in order to complete their registration and have their rider kit mailed to them. Not to worry, though! We’ll email an unsigned waiver link to that person as soon as you sign them up.

Can you mail my rider identification kit to me? 

No, all rider kits will be distributed at our packet pickup event (details to come in early 2024).

Are there refunds on Tour registration purchases?

No. Tour registration fees are non-refundable and non-deferrable.

Where does the money from my Tour registration fee go?

Proceeds from the Tour fund our free bicycle education programs as well as our advocacy work to create safer and more inclusive bike infrastructure in New York City. In 2022, we taught bike riding and bike safety skills in person and in our virtual classroom to more than 20,000 kids and adults. 

How can I find my photos from the 2023 Tour?

Please visit MarathonFoto’s Tour page to find and purchase your 2023 Tour photos.

Note:  If you have a letter in front of your bib number, please don’t enter that letter, just the number.



Check out our handy maps for the

2023 TD Five Boro Bike Tour:

*All maps are subject to change. Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date maps, and stay tuned for more details on the Start Area and Finish Festival.

Start Schedule

In the event that members of your group are assigned to different Start waves, please ride together in the latest Start wave for your group. Riders assigned to later Start waves cannot move to an earlier time. Riders heading southbound to the Start Line must enter their wave via Broadway. Riders heading northbound to the Start Line must enter their wave via the Hudson River Greenway.



Recommended arrival time: 6AM-7AM. If Southbound, Preferred Start and Members should enter from Chambers to Duane or from Thomas. If Northbound, Preferred Start and Members should enter from Chambers to Bogardus Plaza then Duane.


START 2 (8:05AM)

Recommended arrival time: 7:05AM-7:35AM.
If Southbound, enter from Murray. If Northbound, enter from Warren.


START 3 (8:40AM)

Recommended arrival time: 7:40AM-8:10AM.
If Southbound, enter from Fulton. If Northbound, enter from Vesey.


START 4 (9:15AM)

Recommended arrival time: 8:15AM-8:45AM.
If Southbound, enter from Cedar. If Northbound, enter from Albany to Greenwich to Thames.


START 5 (9:50AM)

Recommended arrival time: 8:50AM-9:20AM.
If Southbound, enter from Morris. If Northbound, enter from Albany to Greenwich to Rector.


START 6 (10:25AM)

Recommended arrival time: 9:25AM-9:55AM.
If Southbound or Northbound, enter from Battery Pl.


After a Start wave is released, the line moves up. Please refer to access points for earlier waves. Sixth Ave will reopen to cars at 12:00 PM.

VIP & Charity Breakfast

VIP Riders access the VIP  breakfast from Canal and Church. Charity Riders access the breakfast from Broadway & Worth St.

VIP & Charity Entry Points

VIP & Charity Riders in Start Wave 1 should enter from Chambers to Duane or from Thomas. See the streets indicated in red on the Start Wave Map.

2023 Tour Entertainment

See below for a list of entertainers and get ready to ride, rock, and roll with us!

Music With a message


Music With A Message Band


The Music With A Message Band is a group of 25 performers, ages 6-21, who travel across New York City, performing uplifting music for thousands of people each year.

Location: Church St. & Franklin St., Manhattan.


Douglas Marriner Jazz Trio

Doug Marriner

Location: VIP Breakfast Area.


Cheer NY

Cheer NY










Location: 6th Ave. & 43rd St., and 6th Ave. & 52nd St.


Bop Monroe and Pocket Monster

Bop Monroe and Pocket Monster

Location: North-West corner of East Dr. & E 72nd St., Manhattan.


Gotham cheer

Gotham Cheer

Gotham Cheer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adult cheerleading team that was created out of our personal drive to give back to those who are in need, particularly Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning homeless or disadvantaged youth.

Location: South-East corner of  W 110th St. & Central Park N., Manhattan.


Angela “Missy” Billups & Voices of New York

Angela Missy Billups

Gospel music.

Location: East side of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. between W 125th St. & W 126th St., Manhattan.


Bomba yo

Bomba Yo

BombaYo members draw from the bomba tradition to enrich their lives and embrace their cultural legacy. Through workshops, cultural presentations, performances, and partnerships, BombaYo engages communities throughout the NYC area to raise awareness of Afro-Puerto Rican culture and to connect Bomba to the vast traditions of the African Diaspora.
Location: South-West corner of E 138th St. & 3rd Ave., Bronx. 


DJ Gabriel “Dredel” Furman

DJ Gabriel “Dredel” Furman

Gabriel is an NYC native whose DJ skills span over 15 years.  He began as a B-Boy with the legendary crew Dynamic Rockers, where his passion for music led him to DJ worldwide.

Location: East side of Pleasant Ave. between 114th St. & 116th St., Manhattan.


Street Beat Brass Band

Street Beat Brass Band

Influenced by the multiculturalism of NYC, Street Beat plays a wild diversity of brass-based music, from New Orleans Jazz to Polka, Mexican Banda, Gospel, Klezmer, and Funk.

Location: South West corner of FDR Dr. & 63rd St. Manhattan.




Location: West side of 21st St between 37th Ave. & 38th Ave., Queens.


Giant Flying Turtles

Giant Flying Turtles

Their genre-bending music has no bounds. Inspired by rock, folk, jazz, bluegrass, and blues, this high-energy jam quartet will blow you away. 

Location: West side of Vernon Blvd. at 41st Ave., Queens.


Inner Roots Band

Inner Roots Band

Inner Roots is the hottest and most sort after reggae show, dance, and backing band, the sound of which can be at the best eateries in New York, parties, festivals, and cultural events.

Location: Con Ed Learning Center Parking Lot on Vernon Blvd. between 43rd Ave. & 44th Ave., Queens.




Location: South-East corner of Kent Ave. & N 14th St., Brooklyn.


Charley Young

Charley Young

Location: North side of Flushing Ave. between Clermont Ave. & Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn.


JOse Conde

Ola Fresca

Throughout their glorious 15-year history and three world-acclaimed original albums, “freshness” is exactly what this Brooklyn-based band has brought consistently to Latin Music.

Location: Commodore Berry Park; Flushing Ave. between N. Elliott Pl. & Navy St., Brooklyn.


Youngbloods Jazz

Youngbloods Jazz

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 Parking Lot; Furman St. between Old Fulton St. & Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.


Juan Carlos Formell Band

Location: Gowanus Expressway Service Road between 81st St. & 82nd St., Brooklyn.


Jason Jeffries and the TaLLtrEEs

Jason Jeffries and the TaLLtrEEs

Song driven with danceable beats and, catchy hooks, smooth vocal harmonies, the ‘TrEEs blend elements of rock, reggae, and roots into a unique special sauce.
Location: East side of Bay St. between Hyatt St. & Slosson Terrace, Staten Island.




High-energy rock-n-roll played by veterans of the NY music scene

Location: Finish Festival; Ft. Wadsworth, Staten Island.


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