Ready to Ride

A 2-hour evening class for anyone who rides a bike and wants to learn more about it.


Ready to Ride is a free class for adults and mature teens. We’ll go over “ABC,” a quick safety check that should be done before every ride to make sure you won’t hurt your bike and your bike won’t hurt you. We’ll also discuss what, if anything, you might want to take with you on your ride.


Class Duration:  2 hours
Class Size:  8
Instructor:  1 Trained Recycle-a-Bicycle Shop Mechanic
Equipment: A variety of portable tools and accessories, dependent on the type of ride. Students do not need to bring their own bicycle.

Requirements:  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination; face mask.
Registration Policy:  Advance registration is required for all participants.
Cost: Free


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If you are looking for a class to ensure you make the most of your bike rides, this class is for you.


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