Street Skills Ride

Bike Skills 202: Bike Path Ride


Bike Skills 202: Bike Path Ride gives novice adult cyclists more opportunities to sharpen their skills on short, easy, mostly flat group rides. You can bring your own bike, or borrow one of Bike New York’s. Meet other novice cyclists, explore new scenic areas of New York City. All rides start and finish at one of Bike New York’s Community Education Centers. Questions? Email us at classes@bike.nyc.


Class duration: 2-3 hours

Class location: Start and finish at one of our Community Bike Education Centers, ride on protected bike paths and greenways. Minimal street riding.

Class size: Up to 20 adults and mature teens

Instructors: Trained ride leaders

Equipment: Bicycles and helmets provided to those who register online for the class.*

Registration policy: Advance registration is preferred; walk-up students must bring their own bike and helmet.


*Anyone who chooses to bring their own bicycle must ensure that the bicycle fits and is in good working order (i.e. wheels spin freely, brakes function).

Upcoming Classes

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This is a ride, not a class. Before taking part in Bike Skills 202: Bike Path Ride, we suggest that participants practice all the techniques we teach in Bike Skills 201: Bike Handling Skills: starting, stopping, scanning, signaling, turning, changing gears, riding in a straight line, etc. Rides take place mostly on protected bike paths and greenways. There may be some on-street riding. The pace is relatively casual (10 mph or slower) and the rides are relatively short (less than 10 miles).

Is This the Right Class for You?

Practice makes perfect! If you’ve completed a Bike Skills 201: Bike Handling Skills class but aren’t quite ready to tackle riding in traffic in our Street Skills 302: On-Street Riding, then this is the ride for you.

weather Cancellation Policy

Bike Skills 202: Bike Path Ride will be canceled in the event of rain; please check our weather hotline (929 269 3110) if in doubt.

Next Step: street skills class

Once you’re comfortable riding on bike paths and greenways, sign up for Street Skills 301: Rules of the Road to get prepped for riding on city streets.

NEXT STEP: Buying a bike

Thinking of buying a bike of your own, but don’t know where to start? Check out our Bike Buyer’s Workshop.