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Classes @ RAB: Bike Maintenance 101


This class covers everything you should know to keep your bike running smoothly for as long as possible. Topics include oiling your chain and types of lubricants, inflating your inner tubes, and performing a safety check.


Class Duration: 2 hours

Class Location: RAB Shop

Class Size: 15

Instructors: 1 trained bike mechanic instructor

Registration Policy: Advance registration is preferred

Cost: Free

Upcoming Classes

Please check the calendar at https://bikenewyork.enmotive.com/ for the latest schedule.

Is This the Right Class for You?

If you’re ready to take more ownership of your bike and develop a deeper understanding of exactly what makes it go (and stop), then this class is for you. Don’t have a clue what a derailleur is? Perfect—this class is designed with beginners in mind.

Next Step: volunteer

With your newfound knowledge of a bicycle’s mechanics, you’d make a fine Bike New York volunteer! Whether at an event, ride, or educational class, Bike New York is always in need of skilled support.