Bike Camp


This free program for students 18 years old and up teaches the mechanics of riding a bike, the rules of the road, best practices for riding in a group and on city streets, and–of course–the joy and freedom of biking. Over three weeks, students will go through our entire curriculum, from working on their bike handling in a safe car-free space to riding on neighboring streets as a group, guided by our trained instructors. This is the perfect program for someone who is ready to make the leap and enjoy their city on two wheels.


Locations: All on-bike classes will take place on a Saturday or Sunday at one of our Education Centers; the virtual classroom session will take place on a weekday evening via zoom.
Instructors:  2
Equipment:  Bikes and helmets provided
Age Restrictions:  18 years and older
Qualifications: Students must know how to ride a bike in order to participate in Bike Camp, and must be able to attend all sessions.

Registration policy:  Advance registration is required of all participants; walk-up students are not allowed.


Week 1: Bike Skills 201: Basic Handling Skills
Week 2: Bike Skills 202: Bike Path Ride
Week 2.5 (weeknight): Street Skills 301: Rules of the Road
Week 3: Street Skills 302: On-Street Ride



Check back here in Spring 2022 for updates on Bike Camp!


Basic bike-handling skills

Practice, practice, practice

Rules of the road

Practice rides in NYC parks and on greenways

How to ride safely in a group on city streets