#TourTips for TD Five Boro Bike Tour First-Timers



The 2022 TD Five Boro Bike Tour is around the corner; who else is giddy with excitement? ! In preparation for Sunday, May 1, we compiled a list of tips and advice from our many TD Five Boro Bike Tour Enthusiasts so that you can make the most out of a glorious day of cycling.



Items to bring with you:

  • At least one water bottle. You can refill your bottle at one of the many water stations along the route.
  • Form of identification, cash, and/or a credit card. There will be plenty of food and libations to celebrate at the Finish Festival at Empire Outlets in Staten Island!
  • Padded shorts. Better to be safe than sore!
  • Layers! The mornings are brisk but temperatures quickly rise throughout the day.
  • Spare tube or two (especially if you’re running an uncommon tire size). Flat tires are the number-one mechanical issue we see along the course.
  • Small adjustable wrench🔧. We recommend this for bolted wheels instead of a quick-release. If your tire has pinheads, don’t forget the key!
  • Portable air pump or CO2 cartridges and tire levers (if you know how to fix a flat). Not sure how to fix a flat bike tire? We’ve got a class for you! 
  • A multitool for adjustments on the go can be a lifesaver.


Don’t sweat it if you don’t already own tools! We have professional bike mechanic stations at the start line and along the Tour route, as well as plenty of volunteer Rider Assist Marshals to help get you rolling in the face of flats and mechanical issues.


No bike? No problem! Unlimited Biking, the official rental partner of Bike New York, has got you covered.


How to get your body ready💪:

  • Start small, then gradually increase your time and distance.
  • Try to bike up some hills before the ride.
  • Incorporate a proper warm-up and cool-down routine into your workout to prevent injury.
  • Check out the NYU Langone Health Training Hub, chock-full of helpful resources provided by Sports Health experts at NYU Langone, to help get you ready for the big day!


How to get your bike ready:

  • Get your bike professionally serviced before you hit the road.


  • Drink water and stick to light snacks like bananas and granola bars provided at the rest areas.
  • Ride on the right side to avoid fast cyclists.
  • Avoid riding on metal road grills and sewer covers. If the roads are wet, it’ll be easy to fall on slippery surfaces.
  • Don’t use clip-in pedals unless you have experience with them. You’ll want to be ready for sudden stops. Try stiff sneakers and cages or flat pedals instead.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, stretch, then hydrate some more💦!
  • Take your time! Stop at sights, take in the views, and pull over if you need to rest.
  • Change gears early when biking up overpasses.
  • The highway leading up to the Verrazzano Bridge is long. Make sure to stop at the Brooklyn Bridge rest area before your climb.
  • Be kind to your fellow cyclists😊.
  • And most importantly…



No matter how you prep for the Tour, we can’t wait to see you on Sunday, May 1!


The TD Five Boro Bike Tour is a charitable bike ride that supports Bike New York’s free bike education programs, reaching thousands of New Yorkers each year. Register today.