The National Bike Challenge started on Friday, and rumor has it a lot of you have ridden quite a few miles since then.


The National Bike Challenge has begun, and once again we’re the host of the Local Challenge—let’s show the rest of the country how we do it in New York City! Sign up, join a team, and log your miles. Don’t have a team? No problem—not only are we hosting the Local Challenge, we also have a team. Join us!


Are you a team or borough leader? There may be a leader prize for you. Not leading anything at all? As long as you’re enrolled and log some miles, you’ll be entered to win raffle prizes. (We already have a bike donated as a grand prize.) Stay tuned for more—when you aren’t out logging miles, that is.


And remember, if you rode in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, that’s 40+ miles right there!