Get rolling! The deadline for the Bike to School Short Film Contest is March 31

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Still from 2016 winning video “Takin’ it to the Streets” by Shannon Carr, Enzo Edmonds, and Akira Edmonds from Saint Ann’s School


Help us celebrate the culture of cycling to school in New York City and inspire others to bike to school by creating a short video that highlights any aspect of biking to school and submitting it to the Bike to School Short Film Contest. Winners will get awesome prizes and top entries will be screened at Bike Expo New York, The Bicycle Film Festival, and the Youth Bike Summit. For full contest details, see below or download a PDF flyer here. Special shout out to NYC DOT for sponsoring the contest.

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Making a video is kind of like biking to school: it takes some basic skills, a good plan, and the right gear. Once you’ve got these things figured out, it’s fun and anyone can do it!


  • Brainstorm. What is your experience with biking to school?
  • Find your focus. What is one important thing that stands out about your biking to school experience? Why is it important?
  • Craft your message. How will you turn your focus into a message and capture it on video in an engaging way?
  • Consider your tools.Take stock of what equipment is available. Does your school have a video camera available for student use? Or maybe you have a friend or family member with a camcorder or DSLR who would be willing to help. Smartphones or tablets can also be powerful video making tools! See some tips for getting the most out of smartphone video here and here.
  • Make a production plan. This includes creating a script, identifying roles (like videographers, actors or subjects, and editors), selecting your tools (camera and editing program), choosing locations, and gathering props.
  • Have fun with filming. Execute your production plan and have fun while you’re doing it. Remember to use the hashtag #biketoschoolfilms on any social media posts you make during production.
  • Submit your videos. Send your final videos to bikefilms@bike.nyc by March 31st.


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Still from 2016 entry “School Commute” by James McCary and Cesar McCay from Middle College High School



Film a “How to” demonstration.

  • How to change a tire
  • How to properly lock a bike
  • How to dress for your ride


Consider focusing on safety.

  • Perform an ABC safety check
  • Show how to properly fit a helmet
  • Make a “Rules of the Road” PSA


Make a music video.

  • Use a song (or come up with your own lyrics), dance, or other performing art form to help communicate your message. Bonus points for ensembles!


Ask questions.

  • Make a montage of responses to questions like “Why do you bike to school?” or “How does biking to school improve your community?” or “What’s your favorite thing about biking to school?”


Aim to entertain and inspire.

  • Remember, your goal is to encourage others to bike to school safely and confidently. Using humor, creativity, and careful editing are great ways to engage your viewers.


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Still from 2016 winning video “Kids Bike Forum” by Adonis Ceron, Jamel Alston, and Yusef San Inocencio from Brooklyn Transition Center


Bike to School Short Film Festival .m4v.00_01_32_19.Still001_2

Still from 2016 entry “Bike Life” by Tiffany Patnett, Gaela Vann, Angela Flores, Yvanessa Demosthenes, and Kennedy Vizcaino from Landmark High School


Have questions about the Bike to school short film contest? Email bikefilms@bike.nyc or call (212) 860-2086.