Where and when does the ride start?

The Twin Lights Ride starts and finishes at Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ (329 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732)

Your start time depends on the distance you’ll be riding.

  • 100 miles:  7:30AM – 8:00AM
  • 75 miles:  8:00AM – 8:45AM
  • 55 miles:  8:30AM – 9:30AM
  • 30 miles:  9:15AM – 10:15AM
  • 15 miles 9:45AM – 10:15AM

Note: Timing is based on route support and rest area services. Once a start window has closed, participants will no longer have access to that route and must switch to a shorter option.

For example:  If you plan to ride the 100-mile route but arrive at 8:10AM, the start window has closed, and you will be asked to join the 75-mile route.

All riders must be on the route by 10:15AM. If you arrive after that time, we will not be able to provide your rider kit to you.

Can I rent a bike? Is there a bike shuttle again this year?

Yes! And now for the best part:  When you rent a bike with our official rental partner, Unlimited Biking, proceeds help fund our bike education, community outreach, and advocacy programming.

You’ll pick up your bike at the Start and drop it off at the Finish. No need to transport your rental to and from the ride!

Unlimited Biking is also offering all registered riders the option of transporting their bicycle between NYC and Highlands. For $49 (round trip), Unlimited Biking will shuttle your bike to the Start/Finish area across the street from Huddy Park. After your ride, simply drop your bike off with Unlimited Biking for swift transport back to the city. 

Check out rental and bike shuttle options here.

When can I check in? What is the latest I can get there on ride day?

Check-in is available on Friday and Saturday.

  • Friday, September 16:  2:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Saturday, September 17:  7:00AM – 10:15AM (depending on your route distance)

All check-in is located at Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ (329 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ). Please bring your confirmation email and your government-issued photo ID to receive your riding materials. Rider kits will not be provided for riders who are not present.

Breakfast starts at 7:00AM on ride day.

If you are checking in on the morning of the ride, we recommend you allow yourself at least 30 minutes prior to your intended route’s start window to ensure you have ample time to get through the check-in line, receive your cue sheet, use the restroom, and grab a complimentary breakfast. You should also account for travel time, parking, and potential lines when planning your trip.

Cue sheets will be distributed ten minutes before the beginning of each start window. Starts are staggered to keep the ride flowing smoothly by spreading out cyclists along the route and minimizing our impact on local roads and communities.

All riders must be on the route by 10:15AM. If you arrive after that time, we will not be able to provide your rider kit to you.

Can I register on the day of the ride?

Yes! Just stop by the Start/Finish area at Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ (329 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ). Onsite registration is cash or credit card.

  • Friday, September 16:  2:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Saturday, September 17:  7:00AM – 10:15AM (depending on your route distance)

If you are registering on ride day, you must complete your registration before the start window for your route closes.

Please note:  There is no ATM in Huddy Park (though there are a few convenient options nearby), so come prepared with your method of payment and government-issued photo ID.

Can I buy a ferry ticket on ride day?

Yes, you may purchase ferry tickets at Pier 11 in Wall Street.

  • Roundtrip tickets are $60, cash only.
  • One-way tickets are $30, cash only.

Please bring exact change if possible.

We recommend arriving at Pier 11 at least 30 minutes prior to your ferry’s departure time; ferry tickets are first-come, first-served.

Are breakfast and lunch included?

Breakfast is included with your registration.

Lunch is not included, but there will be food trucks and local restaurants at the end, so bring cash or card and of course, your appetite!

What kind of bikes are permitted? Can I ride an e-bike?

We welcome any human-powered pedaled bike (road, mountain, fixed gear, recumbent, unicycle, tandem, tricycle, etc.) on our rides. 

New Jersey passed legislation in 2019 allowing the use of low-speed electric bikes (pedal-assist) on public streets. You can find out more about the law here.

Throttle-powered e-bikes are not allowed on any Bike New York events.

Is the route closed to cars? Is it entirely on paved streets?

The route is on streets that are open to motorized traffic (with the exception of the Sandy Hook Multi-Use Path on the 15-mile route). 

Cyclists must obey all traffic laws. This includes obeying all traffic signals, yielding as required, and sharing the roads with vehicles. 

See a complete listing of NJ bicycle laws.

There are no dirt paths on the route, though there may be some gravel at rest stops.

What is the elevation for each route?

  • 100 miles:  3,071 feet
  • 75 miles:  2,389 feet
  • 55 miles:  1,887 feet  
  • 30 miles:  1,038 feet
  • 15 miles:  111 feet

All elevation gains are approximate.

Can I switch routes after I've started?

Yes. There are certain points on each route at which you may decide whether to continue on your chosen route or switch to a different route. These splits are indicated on your cue sheet and will be marked with signs. Follow the signs for your chosen route. You may switch only to a route of lesser distance to ensure you have access to all route amenities.

Will there be repair stations along the route?

We’ll have repair stations at the start, rest areas, and roving bike repair vans along the route. Labor is free for minor issues, but there is a charge for parts.

Don’t wait until the last minute to find out whether your bike is road-ready! We highly recommend that you get your bike tuned up before the ride. Most bike shops offer this service for a reasonable fee, depending on the extent of the necessary tweaks/repairs.

What should I bring with me?

  • A bike helmet. (And you gotta wear it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.)
  • New Jersey State law requires that all cyclists have and use a bike bell.
  • Photo ID so you can check in and get your cue sheet.
  • Water bottle(s)—you’ll be able to refill them at the start and at every rest area.
  • Cash/credit card so you can stock up on cool Bike New York gear!
  • We strongly recommend that you bring an extra bike tube and a patch kit, and check your bike before the Tour. Here’s some info to help. Bike repair along the route is free, but there’s a charge for parts.
  • Sunscreen – apply early and often!
  • We provide snacks and hydration at all rest stops, but if you have dietary restrictions, please bring snacks that you can use to fuel your ride.

Will the ride be canceled if it rains?

All Bike New York rides are rain or shine. In the event of severe or potentially dangerous weather, we’ll be in touch regarding contingency plans.

How do I get to Highlands, New Jersey?

You can purchase ferry tickets on our exclusively chartered Seastreak ferries, or drive to Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ (329 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ).

If you drive, there is ample street parking near the Start/Finish area; volunteers will be there on ride day to direct you to the nearest available spots.

What's included in my registration fee?

Your registration fee covers: 

  • Entry to the ride
  • Complimentary breakfast at the start
  • Cue sheet (printed turn-by-turn directions)
  • GPS files for download
  • Access to services and amenities along the route (rest areas and SAG support)
  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Finisher medal

Please note:  Local food vendors will be at the Finish Festival, but your post-ride meal is not covered by the cost of entry.

Where do proceeds from the ride go?

Bike New York is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all proceeds from our events fund our free bike education, community outreach, and advocacy programs. In 2021 alone, we taught bike riding and bike safety skills to more than 30,000 kids and adults throughout New York City.

Will my rider kit be mailed to me?

No, all rider kits will be distributed at check-in at Huddy Park in Highlands, NJ (329 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ).


Please bring your confirmation email and your government-issued photo ID to receive your riding materials.
Rider kits will not be provided for riders who are not present.

I need to cancel; what are my options?

Entries are non-refundable. If you cannot attend for any reason, email info@bike.nyc to request that your registration fee be converted into a tax-deductible charitable donation.

If you purchased the EnMotive Protection Plan during registration and need to cancel your entry, please email protectionplan@enmotive.com for assistance.

Are there age restrictions? Do I have to register my child?

Youth ages 3-17 are welcome to participate provided they are registered and ride with a parent or guardian, adhering to these guidelines:

  • Ages 3-9 must ride with an adult on a tandem bike, in a child’s seat on a tagalong bike, or in a bike trailer.
  • Ages 10-17 may ride their own bikes, but must remain in close proximity to the adult with whom they were registered.
  • Children under 3 are not allowed to participate in the event.

Please note: All participants, including children in child seats, on tagalongs, or in bike trailers, must be registered. Youth entries, for ages 15 and below, are available at a lower price.

How long will it take me to finish the ride?

That’s up to you! You can ride at your own pace and stop at rest areas for as long as you like, provided you remain in front of the SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles trailing the back of the pack. The Finish Festival closes at 6:00PM, so be mindful of your pace and ride accordingly.

Will my ride be timed?

No, but you may use the timing feature in your chosen GPS app to track your time.

Can I get the cue sheet ahead of time? Will GPS files be provided?

Cue sheets will be given out on the morning of the ride, ten minutes before the beginning of the start time for each route. This allows us to ensure that people start the ride when rest areas are open and SAG vehicles are in position.

We will post GPS files two days before the ride on our Routes and Services page.

Can I take any ferry back to NYC?

You must take the return ferry you signed up for, so be sure to keep the wristband we give you in the morning. There will be ferries leaving Highlands at 2:30, 4:30, and 6:30PM.  

Bike New York cannot guarantee space on another ferry if you miss your chosen departure time.

How do I get to the Start/Finish from the ferry in Highlands?

Walk through the parking lot to Shore Drive, then turn left. From there, you can ride your bike to Huddy Park (about a minute’s ride). 

There will be staff and signs to guide you to check-in.

Can I check my bag at the start?

No. You must take your bag with you on the ride. 

Are there any bag restrictions?