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Notes From the Road: Bicycle Touring With Sunnyside’s Youth Ride Crew

Bike touring is a worthy challenge even for riders with decades of road experience under their belts. For youth cyclists from Sunnyside Community Service Center's riding program, however, taking on a four-day trek across state lines was a natural next step toward cultivating a life packed with healthy, active adventure. Bike New York's Education Director, Rich Conroy, went along for the ride, capturing scenes, snaps, and memories from the road.

Ride Tip of the Month, September 2019: What to Do About Dooring

Getting "doored" is every cyclist's nightmare: No matter how alert you are, it happens suddenly, seemingly at random, and can carry potentially deadly consequences. Though New York State law and New York City law put the burden of avoiding dooring incidents on motor vehicle occupants, cyclists still need to use an abundance of caution to account for worst-case scenarios. Read on for Bike New York Education Director Rich Conroy's road-tested tips on how to avoid dooring every single time.