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Meet Bike New Yorker Jordi Frank

HEre at Bike New York, some of our favorite success stories are those that start at a class and end at the finish of one of our rides. In this Bike New Yorker spotlight, Jordi Frank takes us on her journey from signing up for her first Learn to ride class to the victory she experienced at the Twin Lights Ride... all within the span of a single year!

Bike New York’s Ken Podziba Appointed Chairman of the League of American Bicyclists

A victory for bike educators and advocates: Bike New York's President/CEO Ken Podziba shares an exciting announcement in a letter to the organization's supporters. It’s an honor to have been appointed Chairman of the League of American Bicyclists. Over the next two years, I look forward to working closely with the board of directors and Bill Nesper, the League’s Executive Director, to champion initiatives that promote stronger cycling infrastructure and education from the local to the national scope. My introduction to the League came shortly after I began working with Bike New York, when I attended the National Bike Summit...