Goldsprint newbie gives it a go, go, GO!!!!!!!!

Bike New York’s own Laura Solis competed in her first-ever Goldsprint—an intense stationary bike race in which competitors pedal furiously at the same time, their progress measured and projected onscreen in real time in front of spectators—recently. The event, which took place in Brooklyn at Red Lantern Bicycles, was dubbed “Hannah & Rosael’s Goldsprints B-Day,” and all proceeds were donated to Safe Horizon, a charity that helps domestic violence victims in New York. Click through the stellar photos by Parker Feierbach, and then read what Laura had to say about the experience.

Was it what you expected?

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done, because I’m used to commuting; I’m never the person that’s trying to go really, really, really fast, ‘cuz I don’t want to get to work disgustingly sweaty [Ed: Thanks for that.]. But it was great to be able to go, like, all out. It’s something that I hope to get better at, because it actually got me interested in racing.


What was going through your mind at the time?

Go faster. Don’t look up. Just focus on the task at hand.” In the back of my mind I was also fearful that I would push myself too hard and, well, puke. I’m prone to hypoglycemia, so that’s something that can happen at any time. Well, not anytime, I make sure to eat well enough, but still. I was like, “Worst case scenario: I’ll just puke on the girl to my right.” But that didn’t happen, so I think  it worked out really well!


There’s going to be a Goldsprint at this year’s Bike Expo New York. Are you going to compete?

You better believe it!