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Twin Lights Ride photo slideshow

Gorgeous scenery was beheld, personal records were broken, the chocolate fountain flowed, and our friends at Gameface Media were on hand to photograph it all. Check out a slideshow of some of our favorite photos from Twin Lights Ride below, and if you were a participant, click here to search for and download your free rider photo. (You'll also receive an email.)

Building bikes by the beach

On July 20th, Bike New York teamed up once again with Bloomberg and New York City's YMCA to build and distribute 250 bikes to kids in YMCA and Bike New York programs across the five boroughs. More than 300 Bloomberg interns worked in teams, along with YMCA youth mentees, to assemble these brand new bikes at the Rockaway YMCA. After every bolt was checked and re-checked, we distributed the bikes to excited young cyclists, along with helmets, locks, and bells. Later in the afternoon, we held a Learn to Ride class to give new bike owners an oppurtunity to hone...