Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Incentive Program

Give something, get something.


Bike New York depends on its volunteers—we rely on them to marshal the TD Five Boro Bike Tour and regional rides, assist instructors in our education classes, represent Bike New York at tabling events, and much more. Without our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to do what we do! That’s why we’d like to reward volunteers with swag, free event registrations, and more.



Your volunteer hours will be tracked via  CERVIS (our volunteer database) from April through October. At the end of the season, hours will be tallied and prizes awarded based on the different levels (see below). The levels are not cumulative, meaning that if you achieve Level 5, you will only get the prize in Level 5. You will not get all of the prizes in the lower levels, too. If a volunteer wishes to have a prize awarded at a lower level instead of the prize offered in their current level, they can do so if that prize is available. 

Thank you for all the volunteers who participated in the 2016 Bike New York Volunteer Incentive Program. We had over one thousand participants in this years program! We will contact candidates of all levels by December 2016 with instructions on how to receive incentive program rewards.


We are happy to announce that the incentive program will return in 2017 with new additions and exciting changes! An announcement will be made in January of 2017.


  • Volunteers must be registered through CERVIS in order to participate.
  • Hours can be gained by volunteering at Bike New York events, classes, and outreach opportunities between April and October. 
  • Prizes will be based on the hours a volunteer has accumulated by Oct. 31, 2016.
  • Volunteers must respond to the email stating which level they reached in order to claim their prize. There will be a deadline for the response email.
  • Level One Up to 10 hours: One surprise swag item (water bottle, socks, t-shirt, jersey, etc.)
  • Level Two 11 – 20 hours: Free bike maintenance class + patch kit 
  • Level Three 21 – 30 hours: Free entry to one 2017 local ride
  • Level Four 31 – 40 hours: Bike New York helmet
  • Level Five 41 – 50 hours: Free entry to one 2017 regional ride
  • Level Six 51 – 60 Hours: Free entry to the 2017 TD Five Boro Bike Tour*

*Level 6 will be awarded to the first ten people to reach 51 hours. As people reach Level 6, an announcement will be made to all volunteers so that everyone is aware of how many spots are left. The first 10 people who are contacted and claim their prize will be given free entry to ride in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour as part of the Bike New York Volunteer Ambassador Program. They will be expected to ride together as a group in next year’s Tour. Once all ten spots have been filled, Level 6 will be cut from the incentives program, making the top prize a free entry to one of the regional rides.